Book – Kids are Natural Cooks

I recently came across a charming book that I believe dates back to my mother’s preschool teaching years, in the early 1970s. It’s a book plucked straight out of the “Free to be” generation, called Kids are Natural Cooks, by the Parents’ Nursery School. It’s a book of recipes and ideas for how children can …


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Baby Food Tricks

I just wanted to take a moment today to share with you a tip for making quick baby food. So here’s the tip: Trader Joe’s carries 3 different frozen purées that come in bags of small individual discs. They have mashed potatoes, mashed cauliflower and mashed sweet potato, although this one I believe is seasonal. … Continue reading Baby Food Tricks

Kids’ Menus- Let’s Discuss!

I saw this in today’s NPR news and it got me thinking about the issue of kids’ meals in restaurants, which I think needs to be discussed more. Let me just start by saying that as the parent of a pretty picky child, I completely, 100% understand the challenge of tailoring meals to kids. … Continue reading Kids’ Menus- Let’s Discuss!

German goodies

I haven’t done a great deal of traveling in Germany, but during the brief visits I’ve made there, I have had some delicious food. Two things I remember best happen to be very popular kid foods, as confirmed by a German friend of mine, who hails from Nuremberg. One is fresh pretzels, opened, slathered with … Continue reading German goodies

Quick Pizza

You may have noticed I’ve been on hiatus for a while, but I have a good reason. Baby #2 arrived January 24! Between my pregnancy and now having a newborn, I have definitely been slacking in the kitchen. But I’m planning to get back to it in the coming weeks and months, along with revisiting … Continue reading Quick Pizza

Tiny but powerful: The world of probiotics and fermentation

Check out my latest collaboration with Doc Smo, the pediatric blogger! Explore the world of fermented foods and what they can do for you and your kids. Introduction Pick up any medical journal or health magazine and it won’t be long before you hear some discussion about the health benefits of probiotics and fermented … Continue reading Tiny but powerful: The world of probiotics and fermentation