Egg-cognito Crêpes

I wanted to re-post about a cool trick I came up with that has become one of my go-to breakfasts, even on hurried school mornings. And that is the Pancakelette, or what has now become more of a crêpelette, which is my way of getting an egg into my non-egg-loving kiddo. Rather than following the …


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The Art of the Party

Lately I’ve been thinking a bit about entertaining among people of my generation and younger. My question was- is entertaining becoming an art of the past? In my experience, organizing social events at home has become much less popular in recent years (exception perhaps for my upstairs neighbor in Chicago who regularly hosted lively gatherings that ended with breakfast…) Here … Continue reading The Art of the Party

A Box of this and a Can of that – A Great American Tradition

My aunt recently gave me a cookbook that was prepared as a fundraiser for an organization that she has been giving her time and energy to for many years. It’s called A Better World, and it’s a wonderful after-school program that gives low-income children a safe and enriching environment in the after-school hours. (Read more … Continue reading A Box of this and a Can of that – A Great American Tradition