Baby Food World Tour

  Please check out my latest podcast on! Doc Smo is a pediatrician and prolific podcaster with whom I’ve collaborated to bring you interesting tidbits about kids and food. Here are some notes and highlights from our conversation about how cultures around the world introduce their babies to the world of food! Visit your … Continue reading Baby Food World Tour

Canned Sunshine

Recently I had my first canning experience. Actually it was not out of adventurousness but rather necessity. OK, I’m perhaps being a bit dramatic, but I brought home a couple of jars of Apricot Vanilla jam from France and it has quickly become a kind of jam obsession. The sweet, floral taste of the apricots is … Continue reading Canned Sunshine

La Pâtisserie de Tom

These past couple of weeks, Denis’ mother and cousin came to visit from France. I’ve always enjoyed cooking with my mother-in-law, and this trip was no exception. We have significantly influenced each other in the kitchen, she teaching me traditional French wisdom like how to make homemade liqueur the old-fashioned rural way or how to … Continue reading La Pâtisserie de Tom

Holy Hazelnuts

This past New Years, my husband made a Bûche de Noel (Christmas log) that we hoped would be reminiscent of the kind of desserts one buys in a fine French pastry shop. One of the hallmarks of French desserts and candies is the use of hazelnut, and the recipe he found offered a variety of … Continue reading Holy Hazelnuts