Passatelli in brodo

There are some dishes that appear in only slightly disguised form on tables across the world. When I first tried this next homey Italian dish that I heard about on a podcast, I thought something similar to Midge Maisel when she declared, hearing the oven ding at her husband’s and new shiksa girlfriend’s apartment, that …


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Sweet Potato Gnocchi

I think gnocchi might be my son’s favorite food, so I have started exploring various versions on the market and in recipes. This is a slightly sweeter and more complex take than the traditional one, and I think of it as the ultimate comfort food.  These little pillows of pasta are also as fun to make as they are to eat. … Continue reading Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Feeding Bambino

In Italy, doctors recommend that babies be given a brodo, or broth, made from vegetables, to which rice cereal, meat, olive oil and parmesan cheese is added. The broth is considered a very important part of baby nutrition. Of course, always consult your pediatrician before feeding an infant. If we assume that Italian is basically like French but with … Continue reading Feeding Bambino

Plasmon Biscuits

My mother in law recently sent us a package of cookies from France called “P’tit Biscuit.” They are finger-shaped, vanilla-flavored cookies that crunch if you bite into them, but are equally “fondant,” or melty, if you keep them in your mouth. The biscuits immediately stole my son’s heart and his face lights up when he sees one coming. For … Continue reading Plasmon Biscuits