Chana Masala

The first time I ever tasted Indian food was when I was probably 12 or 13 and working at a soup kitchen for the afternoon. A restaurant in Pittsburgh called Star of India was providing the food that day, and one the dishes was a chickpea curry. I remember that many of the recipients turned … Continue reading Chana Masala

Baby Food World Tour

  Please check out my latest podcast on! Doc Smo is a pediatrician and prolific podcaster with whom I’ve collaborated to bring you interesting tidbits about kids and food. Here are some notes and highlights from our conversation about how cultures around the world introduce their babies to the world of food! Visit your … Continue reading Baby Food World Tour


One of the hazards of this kind of blogging, one that I have been anticipating all along, is that of finding a food or recipe that I find perfectly delightful, but that in all honesty my son finds less so. I have decided to remain honest as a blogger and admit when this happens, while … Continue reading Khichdi


I have found Indian markets to be treasure troves of interesting and reasonably priced ingredients. I buy all of my spices there, which probably cost about 1/6 of what they do at the grocery store, and I love discovering new condiments, grains, beans, and flours. I have recently been reading about a grain called finger … Continue reading Ragi