Kentucky Pie

When I was growing up, we often went to Max and Erma’s, a Pittsburgh restaurant that is part diner and part TGIFridays but with better food. Strangely though, aside from the buffalo chicken sandwich, which I still love, I barely remember the entrées, but what sticks out in my mind are the desserts. Oh the … Continue reading Kentucky Pie

Cantonese Comfort

Last night I made something really fantastic. I got it from Grace Young’s The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen. It is not only a book of recipes, but is also filled with discussions of how food plays a role in Chinese culture. Young talks about this by way of stories of her family’s immigrant experience and her own re-discovery of … Continue reading Cantonese Comfort

Poor Man’s Meal

Awhile back, I stumbled on a charming internet show called Clara’s Depression Cooking, in which a 95 year old woman recounts her childhood during Depression-era America and cooks recipes from that time. It’s a great peek into daily life during the Depression, and the woman is anything but depressing.  On the contrary, she has one of those … Continue reading Poor Man’s Meal