Brown Sugar Macaroons

This Passover, I came across a cool recipe in none other than the Settlement Cookbook, the book devised as part of the work of the Settlement charity that encouraged modernization and assimilation among immigrants in Milwaukee around the turn of the century. This particular recipe might be thought of as a very rustic and forgiving take … Continue reading Brown Sugar Macaroons

Cheap eats

Recently I’ve been thinking about what I would feed my family if I were tremendously limited economically. According to the “food stamp challenge,” food subsidies average about $5 a day, or $35 per week. You may have seen a story that made the rounds not too long ago on social media about how Gwyneth Paltrow failed the … Continue reading Cheap eats

The Art of the Party

Lately I’ve been thinking a bit about entertaining among people of my generation and younger. My question was- is entertaining becoming an art of the past? In my experience, organizing social events at home has become much less popular in recent years (exception perhaps for my upstairs neighbor in Chicago who regularly hosted lively gatherings that ended with breakfast…) Here … Continue reading The Art of the Party