Lahme bil firen

Last night I had dinner with my brother Jake’s family. My sister in law’s parents are in town and they invited me for a Syrian dinner, which her dad (who is Syrian) often makes when they get together. They start by going to the Arab markets on Kedzie, and buying an array of products, many of which …


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Kentucky Pie

When I was growing up, we often went to Max and Erma’s, a Pittsburgh restaurant that is part diner and part TGIFridays but with better food. Strangely though, aside from the buffalo chicken sandwich, which I still love, I barely remember the entrées, but what sticks out in my mind are the desserts. Oh the … Continue reading Kentucky Pie

Cantonese Comfort

Last night I made something really fantastic. I got it from Grace Young’s The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen. It is not only a book of recipes, but is also filled with discussions of how food plays a role in Chinese culture. Young talks about this by way of stories of her family’s immigrant experience and her own re-discovery of … Continue reading Cantonese Comfort

Poor Man’s Meal

Awhile back, I stumbled on a charming internet show called Clara’s Depression Cooking, in which a 95 year old woman recounts her childhood during Depression-era America and cooks recipes from that time. It’s a great peek into daily life during the Depression, and the woman is anything but depressing.  On the contrary, she has one of those … Continue reading Poor Man’s Meal

African Peanut Soup

Recently I tried a recipe that was a legitimate success with my son. It was for African Peanut Soup, which apparently originated in West Africa after the peanut was brought from South America in the 16th century. I was thinking that adding nut butters to savory dishes would be a wonderful idea for children. It adds a … Continue reading African Peanut Soup

Gita’s Yeast Cake

A couple of years ago, my grandmother passed away, and I was given her binder of recipes. My grandmother Gita was a Russian Jewish immigrant (defector actually) who spent a good chunk of her childhood in Cuba before her family finally acquired visas to stay in the United States. On a side note, she ended up … Continue reading Gita’s Yeast Cake