Bringing up Bébé

2 thoughts on “Bringing up Bébé”

  1. Charlotte,

    As you know, I am a pediatrician who provides day to day care for children. I had a mother the other day in my office who was raised in France but now lives with her family in the US. During this office visit, I described some of Mrs Druckerman’s observations about French childrearing practices. She said that in general, that in her opinion, these observations were true. French children are generally better behaved when they are young, more patient, eat better quality food, sleep better as infants, and have less need to be entertained than their American counterparts. But, she went on the add that when French children become adults the exact opposite starts to occur. Her view is that American children are often over indulged and less disciplined as children but turn into generally very kind, thoughtful, creative adults whereas the opposite is often true in France. This validates the point you made in your critic:

    “We also instill plenty of good qualities in our kids, such as (in my humble opinion) a more happy-go-lucky spirit, a laid back attitude to rigid social norms, and a good sense of civic responsibility, all of which are sometimes lacking in French society.”

    Maybe we still do something right in America. I enjoyed your article. Keep them coming!

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