Today I want to share something that I made for my son’s birthday party and that turned out to be a big hit.  Homemade goldfish crackers! Truth be told, I have never been a great lover of classic goldfish crackers, but it occurred to me that they would be a really fun food to recreate … Continue reading Goldfish

To Hattie

This Thanksgiving, I wanted to delve into African American culinary traditions and try to create a Thanksgiving meal that would reflect aspects of this history. I am ashamed to admit that I learned, on a fascinating blog called Afroculinaria, that Abraham Lincoln’s official declaration of Thanksgiving as a national American holiday fell mere months after … Continue reading To Hattie

Crispy Fingers

For a while now, I’ve been trying to perfect an oven-frying technique that would allow me to easily create homemade chicken or fish strips. After all, what’s a blog about children’s food without a nod to chicken nuggets? Chicken nuggets and fish sticks are a staple of the American food scene for children. And I have … Continue reading Crispy Fingers

Pop (T)art

After living in France on and off in my twenties and early thirties, I can definitely say that my tastes changed because of it. Many processed foods that I had previously found acceptable and even tasty suddenly tasted artificial, overly salty or sickeningly sweet. To my husband’s occasional confusion, however, I still retain a fondness for certain garish … Continue reading Pop (T)art