Today I wanted to share a great breakfast trick that I recently discovered and it has become a staple in our house. I’m always looking for good breakfast recipes that are satisfying enough for Sunday morning, but not overly decadent and carb-laden. I tend to like breakfast foods that are on the sweet side, but … Continue reading Pancakelette

To Hattie

This Thanksgiving, I wanted to delve into African American culinary traditions and try to create a Thanksgiving meal that would reflect aspects of this history. I am ashamed to admit that I learned, on a fascinating blog called Afroculinaria, that Abraham Lincoln’s official declaration of Thanksgiving as a national American holiday fell mere months after … Continue reading To Hattie

Rolled-Up Pancakes

When I think of Saturday mornings as a kid, one thing immediately comes to mind. We creatively called them Rolled-Up Pancakes, although I later found out that they were known to the rest of the world as crêpes. Rolled-Up Pancakes have a special way of being served, though, and that is spread with jam, rolled, … Continue reading Rolled-Up Pancakes


I think that every city and geographical region gives off a kind of feeling-  an ineffable mixture of geography, culture and mood, which one gets to know in a similar way to how we get to know a person.  When we say that we love or hate a city or other place, is this intangible feeling not in … Continue reading Provence

Bonkers for Bento

As a follow up to my pop tart post, I thought I would explore another area of food art, which thankfully does not require buttercream icing. It is bento, those adorable Japanese lunch boxes that house individual compartments of meticulously prepared food. I have heard that in Japan, bento runs the gamut from simple fast food picked up in … Continue reading Bonkers for Bento

Global Grandmas

Just wanted to share something my friend Lauren passed on to me recently, which is a fantastic photojournalism project. It reminds me a bit of one I blogged about a while back featuring families from all around the world and their weekly diet. This one is called Delicatessen with Love by Gabriele Galimberti, and in … Continue reading Global Grandmas

La Pâtisserie de Tom

These past couple of weeks, Denis’ mother and cousin came to visit from France. I’ve always enjoyed cooking with my mother-in-law, and this trip was no exception. We have significantly influenced each other in the kitchen, she teaching me traditional French wisdom like how to make homemade liqueur the old-fashioned rural way or how to … Continue reading La Pâtisserie de Tom