6 thoughts on “Schnecken”

  1. These Schnecken look delicious! I will definitely try them. At the bakeries in Germany you usually get them not with a yeast dough but something more towards a croissant and they are filled with either grounded Hazelnuts or poppyseeds. A good friend of mine usually makes the swedish version with yeast dough and cardamom. But I’m looking forward to tasting these.

    Thank you for the receipe!

  2. Mmm, hazelnuts sound good. Would they have cinnamon in them as well? These are quite a bit less rich than a croissant, and you could reduce the milk and up the butter a bit if you wanted a richer dough. Let me know how they turn out!!

    1. You could sure add cinnamon, as far as I know, it’s only nuts, sugar and eggwhite (e.g.: 200g grounded hazelnuts, 100g sugar, 3 (whipped) eggwhites).
      I also looked up the name for the dough used in german bakeries for the Schnecken : you’d probably call it “danish (pastry)”. At least that’s what wikipedia says 😉

  3. I have tried your receipe last night. Although I had a little “accident” with the sugar ( a little too much) They turned out really huge and totally delicious. I made them with the nutfilling mentioned above and substituted some of the grounded nuts with hazelnutbrittle to add some crunchyness. I will definitely make them again! Here’s the link to my blogpost – since it’s in German you might want to put it through Google Translate :
    Have a nice day!

    1. This is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing! My husband muddles through German, so he read me what he could. 🙂 Hazelnut brittle sounds amazing, but we don’t find many hazelnut products in the States. We’re more into the peanut.

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