I have found Indian markets to be treasure troves of interesting and reasonably priced ingredients. I buy all of my spices there, which probably cost about 1/6 of what they do at the grocery store, and I love discovering new condiments, grains, beans, and flours. I have recently been reading about a grain called finger … Continue reading Ragi

Plasmon Biscuits

My mother in law recently sent us a package of cookies from France called “P’tit Biscuit.” They are finger-shaped, vanilla-flavored cookies that crunch if you bite into them, but are equally “fondant,” or melty, if you keep them in your mouth. The biscuits immediately stole my son’s heart and his face lights up when he sees one coming. For … Continue reading Plasmon Biscuits

Jewish Penicillin

One of my favorite childhood foods and, I’m happy to report, one of my son’s as well, is chicken soup. There is no more comforting food when you’re feeling under the weather, stressed out, cold… or just any old time really, than chicken soup. In Yiddish culture, chicken soup is revered as a cure for a variety … Continue reading Jewish Penicillin