Noodling Around Nigeria

2 thoughts on “Noodling Around Nigeria”

  1. You’re welcome Charlotte! You’ve taken our little exchange and turned it into a love story! And a great story it is! You really got to the heart of these two recipes.

    O yes, the coconut meat can be very tough to remove from the shell especially if the coconut is not fully mature. So the more mature it is, the easier it will be to take off. Sometimes all you need to do is get the tip of the knife between the shell and the meat and it will come off. 🙂

    And tell you what? I recently tried the Suya and noodles suggestion from that Facebook poll and it was so delicious. I would never had heard about that combo if you did not ask! Nigerians sure know how to take the humble noodle and turn it into an exotic meal.

    PS. I can’t believe I’m just coming to read this! But better late than never they say 🙂

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