The ABCs of School Lunch

4 thoughts on “The ABCs of School Lunch”

  1. My mom told me about a problem in the school cafeterias in Houston when they tried to institute more healthy food. The regulation in question called for more fresh vegetables, but the salt restrictions were very severe. So the kids were served heaping piles of cooked string beans with no seasoning. Almost no one ate them, and they went straight into the trash. Pounds and pounds of string beans in the garbage. The same regulations that say french fries are a veggie can make actual veggies unpalatable to American children. I think common sense went completely out the window.

    1. Ugh, that’s so frustrating! I was thinking that if you look at the American trays on some of the websites that photographs school lunches- another good one is here:

      you can be sure that next to the fried chicken and freetos, the milk is going to be either 1% or skim. Maybe if they tried 2 % or whole then kids would be less likely to want soda and strawberry flavored milk (lowfat of course!)!! Put the cheese on the green beans instead of the pizza! Duh…
      I’ve tried to understand the American mentality about fat for a while. If you go to a convenience store – or a cheaper grocery store for that matter- you can be sure that next to the hotdogs, potato chips, and packaged transfat pastries, ALL the yogurt and milk will be fatfree or maybe 1%. I think the idea is that those foods are “health foods” and as such should be fat free?? Do you think that’s it? That would seem to be supported by your story. The only problem is, who wants to eat “healthy” food unless it’s prepared with a little (natural) fat?? We set ourselves up for failure.

  2. Honestly, make the kids old fashioned green bean casserole, and it would be better than pizza and chicken nuggets. It’s yummy, and has veggies.

    Yes, I don’t get the american obsession with health food. Health food has to be non-fat non-sugar and painful to scarf down. I think we would be much better off if we just ate real food and instituted some portion control. Eat the real chocolate cake. Have one piece on special occasions and skip the non-fat cookies daily.

    I think there are some changes going on with the local real food movement, but it’s still an affluent somewhat fringe idea.

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