Halva White Chocolate Pound Cake Bites

Halva is a sweet sesame candy that is made across the Middle East. It has a crumbly, sandy texture, and really packs a punch as far as nutty, vanilla flavor and intense sweetness. I like the flavor of halva, but have always personally felt that it tends to be a little intense to eat on …


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Roasted Sweet potato and Chickpea Salad with Tahini Dressing

Lately I have a newfound passion for tahini, that luscious sesame butter that is used across the Middle East.  In the US we mainly think of it as an ingredient in hummus, but after listening to an episode of the podcast Unorthodox which you can find here, https://www.tabletmag.com/podcasts/unorthodox/food-and-family-joyva-einat-admony-pati-jinich-soom-foods I was inspired to expand my tahini … Continue reading Roasted Sweet potato and Chickpea Salad with Tahini Dressing

Heirloom eggs?

Just a quick post to share with you a little experiment I did with eggs, in case you ever doubted that spending a bit more on food buys you anything different. I recently started buying heirloom eggs that my local Harris Teeter carries (which are not organic certified, by the way, but are certified humane- … Continue reading Heirloom eggs?

New Podcast – Label Literacy!

Don’t miss my latest podcast collaboration with the fantastic pediatric blogger Doc Smo from http://www.docsmo.com! The topic at hand: smart food shopping and improving your label literacy! Listen now, or read the transcript below! http://www.docsmo.com/smart-food-shopping-w-dr-charlotte-rouchouze-pedcast/ Introduction Doc Smo: Today’s pedcast features child food expert Dr. Charlotte Rouchouze. Long time listeners to Portable Practical Pediatrics will recognize … Continue reading New Podcast – Label Literacy!

Kids’ Menus- Let’s Discuss!

I saw this in today’s NPR news and it got me thinking about the issue of kids’ meals in restaurants, which I think needs to be discussed more. http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2017/09/26/553533712/more-healthful-kids-meals-panera-ceo-dishes-out-a-challenge Let me just start by saying that as the parent of a pretty picky child, I completely, 100% understand the challenge of tailoring meals to kids. … Continue reading Kids’ Menus- Let’s Discuss!

A Box of this and a Can of that – A Great American Tradition

My aunt recently gave me a cookbook that was prepared as a fundraiser for an organization that she has been giving her time and energy to for many years. It’s called A Better World, and it’s a wonderful after-school program that gives low-income children a safe and enriching environment in the after-school hours. (Read more … Continue reading A Box of this and a Can of that – A Great American Tradition