First Communion Cocoa

For today’s post, we are traveling to the island of Martinique in the southern Caribbean. Martinique is part of France and as such is heavily influenced by French culture. Yet it also has own history, traditions, language (Creole, although French is the primary language these days), and foods, which it shares largely with fellow French Antillean island Guadeloupe.  I … Continue reading First Communion Cocoa

Mad for Madeleines

Today’s entry is inevitable. As a student of French literature, I must write about the great French author Marcel Proust’s definitive “food memory” scene, which may well be the most well-known in all of literature. While Proust’s madeleine may seem a cliché, at least to French readers, there is truly nothing cliché about Marcel Proust’s work. Obsessed with dissecting the experience … Continue reading Mad for Madeleines