A Sweet New Year

The last couple days have been the kick-off to the Jewish high holidays, and we have been cooking up a storm. Kugel, honey cake, apples, and other sweet dishes, are all traditional as the Jewish year comes to an end, and we wish for a sweet new year to come. At the end of this … Continue reading A Sweet New Year


As I pull my yellow currant tomatoes and purple green beans out of my garden, I am reminded of how pleasurable heirloom varietals are to grow.  Like a funny-looking mutt, at first they might seem a bit ugly or unusual, but their oddities grow on you and soon the usual ones seem dull in comparison.  … Continue reading Heirlooms

Ode to Ranch

Today’s post is all about Ranch seasoning. Laugh if you will, I love ranch, and it has all kinds of uses that you may not have thought of. I think it has the perfect balance of salty, garlicky and herby, and the flavors really bring out the best in vegetables, crackers, and a slew of … Continue reading Ode to Ranch